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Visible Spectrometer


·         Low Stray Light: stray light below 0.05%T
·         Excellent Stability: superior material makes it stable and durable
·         User Friendly Design: easy-to-use and simple maintenance
·         UVWin 5 Software with Powerful Functions and User Friendly Operations:
–      four regular functions:  photometric measurement, kinetics measurement, quantitative measurement, spectrum
–      3D presentation by combining multiple spectra
–      DNA/Protein analysis
·         Hardware and Software Easily Updated:
–      pre-programmed application cards to perform analysis such as DNA/Protein,  photometric, kinetics, etc., can be
easily inserted by the user
–      the cell compartment is easily opened to allow other accessories to be used
–      system is easily interfaced to a PC via a standard RS232 interface, and can be easily interfaced to many different