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Soil Water Test Apparatus

Product Description:

Soil profiles, as we know, vary considerably from one location or region to the next, depending on geology, hydrology and climate.Hence, soil testing becomes an essential part of a fertility program and to profitable crop production.

The  STFR Meter is a programmable, portable, low-cost, digital equipment that brings soil testing at farmers’ doorstep.  It helps in in determining the below soil parameters :

Soil reaction (pH), Available Potassium
Salt content (EC), Zinc
Organic carbon, Boron
Available Phosphorus Sulphur
Manganese Copper , Iron
Lime requirement Gypsum Requirement
Additionally it also shows crop-specific fertilizer recommendations.
The equipment can be used with the help of a manual provided in the kit. It can be used by village Panchayats, agri–input dealers and several self-help groups, NGOs working in village for soil testing purpose. It can be used by unemployed youths for soil testing business.