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Product Description:

The salient features of the Perimeter are :   1. In-built Touch-screen Linux based computer. 2. Most common tests including Macula, 10 degree, 30 degree, 60 degree and Driving Tests with full threshold or rapid test. The average test time for a T-30 test full threshold being around 3.5 minutes. 3. Eye-Gaze Tracker Camera with an on-screen display. 4. Reliable and Standard printouts which match the market leaders with same indices. 5. Motorised Chin-rest for easy patient maneuvering. 6. Software upgradable. 7. WIFI compatibility for data transfer in PDF or through USB. 8. HISA – the analysis software in-built to perform reliable tests at the minimum time with analysis of the scotoma and threshold mapping. 9. Plug and play system – no additional wires or clutter, just plug into mains and use.