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PCR Machine

Product Description:

The product has a variety of advanced technologies: WINDOWS operating system, 8inch color display touch screen, dual modules operate independently, a variety of interchangeable modules, computer on-line function, print function, large data storage capacity and expansion capabilities, etc.; function of the qualitative PCR product perfect to the extreme, powerful features will meet the higher requirements of an experiment.


  • The most advanced peltier-based semiconductor technology.
  • 8-inch high-definition large color LCD display.
  • LAN line functions and print capabilities.
  • The power-down data protection.
  • Friendly design of the shell structure, a strong three-dimensional visual impact.
  • Step less adjustable thermal cover can adapt to different height of the test tube.
  • Lid can be positioned at any angle.
  • High sealing the reaction zone, to ensure a stable and reliable experiment.
  • Independent control module in dual block model.
  • Eight kinds of replaceable modules, easy to meet different experimental needs