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Microscope offered by us has quadruple revolving nosepiece and allows interchangeability of optics. Helps to clearly see the micro organisms, this is provided with mechanical stage right hand drive. The in-built 6v, 200W halogen light illuminator, in the microscope ensures high performance


  • Huge stage 120x132mm
  • Interchangeability of optics
  • Tension adjustment on right
  • Quadruple rotating nosepiece
  • Anti-fungus optics (sealed optical parts)
  • With mechanical phase right hand drive
  • In-Built 6v, 20W Halogen light illuminator
  • Illumination system through SMPS circuit etc
  • Fine roller guide and coaxial coarse (Comfortable position of focusing knobs)
  • Abbe condenser & light relay system are fixed with superior performance aspheric lenses for crisp & bright image