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Karls Fisher Filtration

Karl Fischer Titration is a dead stop titration process which monitors the mV drift to be lower than the stop band, and end of the titration is detected when the leak rate is close to or less than stop band. The leak rate is displayed and also printed.

The Karl Fischer Titrator operates mainly in two modes a) Minimum Dose Mode – Titration stops when mV does not rise above the stop band in specific delay time. b) Drift Mode – titration stops if calculated drift value is less than or equal to entered drift value µl/min.

  • Quick interchangeable imported burette assemblies with intelligent recognition for its volume size
  • Quick monitoring, and automatic neutralization of moisture leak into vessel to keep it ready for next titration
  • End point delay upto 100 sec for slow moisture releasing samples
  • Titration run can be started with last run parameters
  • On line leak rate correction available
  • Calculation Modes : – a) Weight/weight b) Volume/volume C) Volume/density
  • Microcontroller based variable speed, magnetic stirrer with digital indication