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Hardness Tester

We are offering a wide range of Hardness Tester.

Product Details:

Testing Range
(8~650) HBW
Dimensions main unit (WxDxH)
9.9 inch x 24.7 inch x 30.7 inch (252x627x781mm)
Power supply
120 Volt AC/ 60 Hz
Rs232, SPC, USB2.0
Optical path
100% Eyetube or Camera
Maximum sample weight
20 Kg , 10 Kg with x-y Stage
Maximum sample depth
160 mm
Maximum sample height
210 mm Type A
Curvature correction
0.01 to 200.00 mm
Loading Accuracy
+/- 1%
Test force selection
Load Rate
5~999 sec.
Measuring microscope
10X Dual-line filar
Total magnification
20-1000X (100X Standard)
Color LCD touch-screen
110lbs. (50kg)