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Hardness tester

Product Description:


  • Rockwell
  • Rockwell Brinell Combined
  • Rockwell/Rockwell Superficial Combined System Hardness Testers.
  • SAROJ Hardness Testers
  • Model RAS, RAB-1
  • RAB-250
  • TWIN are manually operated.

All these models are suitable for testing hardness of metals sand alloys of all kinds hard or soft, whether flat, round and irregular shape. These testers are simple in design and easy to operate, yet sensitive & accurate. Various models from the wide range are suitable for schools, laboratories, tool-rooms, inspection, heat treatment departments, factories etc.

These testers strictly confirms to IS : 1586-2000, ASTM : E 18 for Rockwell Superficial Test and IS : 2281 -2005, ASTM : E 10 for Brinell test.