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DNA Barcode kit

The Genomic DNA Mini Kit (Tissue) is a genomic DNA Extraction Kit optimized for genomic, mitochondrial and virus DNA purification from a variety of animal tissue and insects. This genomic DNA extraction kit includes Micropestles to ensure efficient homogenization of tissue samples and to shorten the time in the Lysis Step. Proteinase K and chaotropic salt are used to lyse cells and degrade protein, allowing DNA to be easily bound by the glass fiber matrix of the genomic DNA spin column. Once any contaminants have been removed, using a Wash Buffer (containing ethanol), the purified DNA is eluted by a low salt Elution Buffer, TE or water and is ready for use in a variety of downstream applications such as PCR, AFLP/PADP, RFLP, Southern Blotting, Real-time PCR.