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Color Comparator Machine

We are offering Colour Comparator Box to our clients. We provide high-quality products to our clients.


  • Comparator Prismatic, Imported with 2 cells of 13.5 mm
  • Comparator box with 2 Test Tubes INDIAN, for Indian & Imported Make Colour Discs
  • Spare Cell, 13.5 mm / 10 . (Plastic)
  • Spare Cell, 40 mm, U.K. Make, DB-428
  • Special comparator box for Disc ASTM D 1500 for Lubricating oil Indian Make
  • Three aperture comparator with artificial daylight for determining colour of lubricating oil and prismatic attachment (ASTM D 1500) complete with 2 Gardner discs & three 33 mm ID tubes
  • Same as Above without prismatic attachment
  • Union or ASTM D 1500 of IS 1448 ( P:12)1987 colorimeter with artificial daylight source for Lubricating Oils with prismatic and magnifying attachment