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Bomb Calorimeter

Used for determination of combustion of heat of calorific value of the fuel & other organic material. Designed as per specification of Institute of Petroleum BS 1016 standard IS no. 1350/1966.

Supplied complete with:

  • Water jacket made of Brass/S.Steel sheet duly nicked chromium plated with Bakelite Lid
  • Stainless Steel Bomb Jacket Water Calorimeter Vessel
  • Motorized heavy duly stirrer for uniform Circulation Briquette
  • Pet tel Press heavy duly Firing unit with illumination
  • spanners, magnified glass with nickled nichrome wire & Cotton reel
  • Gas Releasing Valve
  • S.Steel crucible
  • Full feature digital controller & Safety device


  • Petroleum Industries
  • Department Coal industries
  • Department Educational Institute
  • Research Lab


  • Housing Material: Brass/ S.Steel duly Nickled Chromium plated water jacket S.S vessel S.S. Bomb, Water Vessel