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B.O.D Measure Incubator

B.O.D. Tests, storage of sensitive cultures, vaccines, the culture of bacteria, microorganism, serum incubation, seed germination etc.

Inner S. Steel, outer CRCA / GI EPOXY Powder coat finish. CFC Free PUF in-situ form/glass wool insulation of about 3 Inch thick to prevent temperature loss. Full-length inner plexiglass door for viewing the sample. Chamber with illumination. Castor wheel for easy movability.

Cooling-CFC free Refrigeration:
By Hermetically sealed Brand New ISI Marked Compressor coupled with air cooled condensing unit fitted with Motor, Fan Blade, Electrical Accessories etc… Mounted on the bottom of the unit on the heavy base frame.

By S. Steel Tubular heater with fins.

Control Panel:
Consisting of self-illuminated mains ON / OFF Switch, Indicating Lamps, Electronics Digital Temp. Controller-cum-indicator and fuse.